Bungalow 3rd Beach Clifton

This bungalow was a project conducted in collaboration with Metropolis Design, that required a complete redesign and rebuilt. In that process, a new lower ground floor was added to the existing constricted bungalow by mining granite below the original structure. This resulted into a 4 bedroomed bungalow which offers a sense of space despite the compact site.

The redesigned bungalow has a simple cube-shaped form and offers only 160 m² of surface area, yet is intricate in detailing, textures, materials and order. This results in an environmentally modest design, which provides a rich living experience to its owners. Materials used include teak for the exterior cladding and oak and marble for the interior finishes.

During stormy weather, this bungalow is able to close its shutters down and becomes a battened down sturdy construct. In Summer, the bungalow is able to seamlessly open up to its beautiful surroundings and becomes an inter-connected space which is at one with the inviting adjacent beach and sea.