House Geneva 90A Camps Bay

The site on which this project came into existence, is a 700 square meter panhandle site off the prestigious Geneva Drive in Camps Bay. The views from the site are spectacular and span from the 12 Apostles to Table Mountain. The brief from the client was to design a luxurious 5 bed roomed house that easily facilitates entertainment and takes advantage of the exceptional orientation of the site.  The house offers 700 square meter of accommodation area spread over 3 levels. As the site was a very steep one, the site had to be cut into to create a level platform and the retaining walls were engineered to make use of the natural stone found during the excavations. An eye-catching feature of the house is the lap pool which juts out from the modernist structure and forms a boat like prow towards the Atlantic Ocean views.

The middle level comprises 4 ensuite bedrooms, of which 3 enjoy sea views and the fourth is a more private suite which enjoys views of the adjacent green belt. The main bedroom has an open plan ensuite bathroom with a Volokas marble clad bath and vanity on a raised level.  The intention behind the raised level is to allow uninterrupted views while bathing. This level furthermore has a central family TV area which serves as a hub for the sleeping level.

To maximise the spectacular views, the living area was elevated to the highest level possible. Vertical access was made easy by the installation of an elevator, which takes visitors directly from the entrance on the lowest level up to the living area on the top level. This living level has an open plan with floor to ceiling windows and doors which results in a unique transparent design.

The bottom entrance level is reached by driving up the exposed aggregate concrete panhandle driveway and comprises a main entrance foyer, a 6 car garage as well as a guest suite and a staff bedroom.

A carefully selected palette of materials was used consistently throughout the house, such as large formate grey granite floor tiles, wide oiled oak flooring